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Helping nonprofits, business leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and professionals at every stage explore new ways to invest in management, sales teams, and themselves. Unleash your sales superpower and create a sales culture that strengthens and engages individual talents by identifying and magnifying a unique brand identity.

Does this sound like you?


Your heart races and your stomach turns when you cold call or walk into a sales appointment.


When attending an event, your palms sweat and you want to turn around and leave.


You find yourself underselling your products or services, offering deep discounts just to make a sale.


You struggle to create content on social media because you don't have a strategy and you don't know what to say.


You crave a financially-free life, yet you constantly feel like an impostor or a pushy salesperson.

Imagine this instead…


You feel confident in your own style and being yourself; you have a sales strategy and are ready to take on your target clients.


Your proposals complement your experience, and you feel fearless in your approach.


You work with your dream clients or partners who see the value in you and your services.


You speak confidently and clearly in person and on social media. Your sales increase and your revenue soars.



Why work with Sandy?

Sandy Spady offers one-on-one and group coaching and consulting, workshops, retreats, and exclusive events. When you work with Sandy, she will uncover your strengths, find your targeted prospects, and create lasting relationships.

Building strong connections is essential to create the life you want to live. Sandy’s coaching will give you the confidence to lean into new ideas and opportunities and create a clear pathway to refine and achieve your goals.


Professional Executive Coaching

In her 30+ years of experience, Sandy has mastered the art of sales and solution-oriented leadership. She’s recruited and trained sales managers and executives, built sales teams, and created award-winning national advertising campaigns. Using proven strategies to get results, she identifies the obstacles that block you, creates a system that helps you gain confidence in yourself, and identifies your personal branding and sales style.


Proven Track Record of Success

Sandy is a natural networker. Her love of people and entrepreneurship has given her many advantages in coaching others. She has won multiple corporate sales achievement awards for surpassing sales quotas, including the Presidents’ Club top sales awards in advertising media sales. Through her coaching, other sales managers have found success in winning sales awards themselves.



PR, Events, and Fundraising Expert

Community is Sandy’s passion. She believes that mission-driven work is an under-utilized opportunity to bring people together & make a change. She has strategically supported nonprofits & organizations to create opportunities for them to build awareness and excitement through PR, events, and fundraising efforts. Together we will find new ways to bring awareness to your events, get sponsorships, sell tickets, and raise money.

Professional Leadership Coaching

The Power Up Mastermind Series

This signature 12-month sales coaching program is designed to create personal and professional transformational change while connecting you to a community of like-minded professionals.

Developed for executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs at all stages, Power Up is an intensive program designed to give you the tools to overcome self-doubt, create a compelling personal brand, and attract and retain high-quality prospects.

In leadership action coaching, we learn and grow with live monthly 90-minute sessions and one 1:1 30-minute-deep dive strategy call. There will be goal-setting exercises, role-playing, journaling, and follow-up assignments you can integrate into your business. Each meeting will end with a professionally sponsored happy hour to connect with other members. You’ll also have the chance to collaborate in a private Facebook community where you can exchange ideas, build long-lasting relationships, and live Q&As.

This series will help you:


Learn the ins and outs of building self-confidence and entrepreneurship through monthly in-person sessions. Find your niche, stand out, and be remembered.


Make new connections and forge long-term partnerships as you collaborate with a community of like-minded professionals. Each year, we will gather our alumni to celebrate all of our successes.


Increase your impact through strategic goal-setting and effective management. Find your ideal prospects, get to the decision maker, and pass the gatekeeper.


Activate your personal and professional growth by creating personal branding content and communicating efficiently for warm & cold leads. Through live role-playing, you’ll learn to overcome objections, close the sale, and retain repeat clients.

The results?

A strategic blueprint that gives you the resources to approach sales more effectively, build client conversations and better target market prospects, and create meaningful and lasting connections. 

Book an exploratory call with Sandy to apply.

Power Up Speaking Series

Are you ready to release your fears of public speaking? Want to deliver your message with purpose and passion? Join Power Up Speaking Series and gain the confidence to speak in front of crowds, networking groups, and podcasts.

This monthly class is designed specifically for business professionals and entrepreneurs like you who are looking for a supportive and focused environment to improve your public speaking abilities and want to learn how to captivate an audience through powerful storytelling.

This series will help you:

Each month, selected participants will be given the opportunity to deliver a prepared speech of their choice of topic to the group and receive an evaluation on their presentation. We will practice your elevator pitch so you never stumble when someone asks you about your business. Finally, attendees will also participate in “Hot Seat” impromptu speaking exercises and learn improvisational techniques.


The sessions are limited to 15 attendees to facilitate giving and receiving feedback.


A 3-month commitment is required to ensure that each participant receives value from the training.


The series also provides an opportunity to network, learn from others, and participate in expert training sessions.

Power Up by Sandy - Speaking Series Omaha, NE

As a result of your participation, you’ll learn the secret to speaking confidently and delivering a speech that moves your audience.

Professional Development Workshops

Sandy trains professionals and organizations to increase their impact through customized retreats and workshops. As a certified professional development coach, Sandy uses her talents and influence to foster collaboration and teach people the tools and steps to accomplish their goals.

Laedership Events Omaha, NE


Life is busy; burnout is real. Calling all women who want to connect with other women, spend time sharing stories and build each other up. Recharge your mind, body, and soul.

When you join Sandy’s burnout recovery retreats, you can expect to:

    • Take time to create, journal, and absorb the power of personal self-time
    • Engage in impactful workshops and feel renewed and energized
    • Build relationships with women in a deeply nourishing environment
    • Become ready to tackle personal and professional challenges

The next retreat is scheduled for the Summer of 2023.

Leadership Development Coaching Omaha, NE

Workshops & Events

Sandy leads regular workshops for corporate sales teams, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Workshop topics include the offerings in her signature program, Power Up Leadership Series, as well as:

  •  Confidence building

  • Effective networking & selling yourself
  • Personal branding
  • Building lasting relationships
  • Falling in love with cold calling
  • Team building to boost energy and sustain a positive work atmosphere

    Sandy also designs custom workshop curriculums based on the client’s goals. Topics for the workshops may include any of the above or be specific to the client’s industry.

    Book an exploratory call with Sandy to learn more

    Nonprofit and Business Consulting

    Need assistance with sales, managing a campaign, and hiring? Since 1998, Sandy has supported businesses and nonprofits with expert advice and collaborated with them to address challenges.

    Her sales and recruitment expertise, combined with her passion for people and organizations, has enabled her to assemble high-performance teams, organize successful events, consistently surpass fundraising targets, and raise awareness for important causes.

    With her extensive network, organizational experience, and love of community, she can build the infrastructure to drive growth and generate buzz for your campaigns.

    Sandy delivers results by:


    Developing sales, branding, and fundraising plans that ensure business longevity


    Building high-performing teams aligned with your mission through proven recruitment strategies


    Enhancing leader effectiveness through strategic management training and leadership coaching


    Planning custom workshops and retreats that address your organization’s unique needs

    Leadership Consultant Omaha, NE

    Are you ready to become a confident leader and create exponential growth for your company?