Hello, I am Sandy Spady

Tap into your unique strengths to shine brightly in your personal & professional life 

I believe that every woman possesses an unstoppable force that, once tapped into, can create positive transformations and inspire greatness.

Let me show you how.

Sandy Spady - Leadership Coaching
Sandy Spady - Keynote Speaker Omaha, NE

Let’s make your first impression stick and build you up, so you become unstoppable

Building a roadmap to success starts with you. Fear stops you and keeps you from moving forward.

Let’s identify the fear and embrace the possibilities. The journey is yours, but you don’t have to travel alone. When we work together, no goal is too big. Sandy will give you the tools to get noticed, and we’ll make a strategic plan to create lasting success for you and your team.

Leadership Coach Omaha, NE


Coaching & Consulting 

I work with executives, sales teams, nonprofits, and organizations to give them the tools to successfully sell themselves and their services. I offer professional branding, sales training, team building, cold-calling, and custom workshops.


Public Speaking

Sandy will leave the audience with a burning desire to embark on a journey of personal growth and share your unique strengths with the world, knowing that every action you take can create a ripple effect of positive change.

What People are Saying

Real stories from real clients. Learn how they found success in their professional lives and created changes by working with Sandy.

The Six Degrees of Sandy Spady

I believe that everything in life is achieved by connections with others.

The six degrees of separation are all about connections. You are only six degrees away from the person you most need to meet.

As a certified professional development coach, inspirational speaker, and sales specialist, I have the expertise to tailor a coaching plan just for you, giving you the confidence to speak with clarity, connect with others, and build lasting personal and professional relationships.

Are you interested in confidence, connection, and collaboration?

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