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Take that step to unleash your inner strengths to build connections and influence others. Create authentic relationships that give you a unique edge. Become that inspired, passionate person that people are drawn to.

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Building a roadmap to success starts with you. Fear stops you and keeps you from moving forward.

Let’s identify the fear and embrace the possibilities. The journey is yours, but you don’t have to travel alone. When we work together, no goal is too big. Sandy will give you the tools to get noticed, and we’ll make a strategic plan to create lasting success for you and your team.

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Leadership Coaching & Consulting Services

I work with executives, sales teams, nonprofits, and organizations to give them the tools to successfully sell themselves and their services. I offer professional branding, sales training, team building, cold-calling, and custom workshops.


Join our Women with Voices Community

We all have a story we want to share. Women with Voices is a safe space where you can build lasting friendships with women who celebrate and advocate for each other.

What People are Saying

Real stories from real clients. Learn how they found success in their professional lives and created changes by working with Sandy.

Melinda Meyer

Community Engagement Consultant 


Sandy has an incredible gift of connecting with people in ways that make them feel comfortable to open up, share their hearts, and take the next step toward their higher path. She greets the world with the brightest light and the kindest heart, with an unlimited source of energy.

I have worked with Sandy to create brand ambassador programs that are built to last because of the way she thoughtfully designs their intentions and actions. All the while encouraging individual and collective success.

I have never been impacted by a person as much as I have been positively impacted by Sandy, and recommend her for any opportunity that allows her to share her heart with the world and power up any facet of your life, personal or professional.

Matt Kluver

Retail Relationship Manager at i3 Bank


I have known Sandy for 5 years and worked directly with her in two organizations; a chamber of commerce where I volunteered in Sandy’s department and on the Board of Directors for a Professional Organization.

When volunteering for Sandy, her events were always a hit and drew large crowds, her direction and goals were clear, results always exceeded end user expectation, and she know how to maximize and inspire a volunteer staff.

As a board member Sandy provided insight to develop our organization, increase membership, and enhance our programs. Sandy is a cheerleader and a motivator. She builds bonds with those she meets and packages everything good about them, and then sells them wherever there is benefit.

Kerry Chester

Owner of Blue Moon Estate Sales of Omaha


Words cannot express the type of individual Sandy Spady is. She is the ultimate cheerleader, stands with you, supports you, one of kind woman that will help you in any way she can. The endless connector.

She fits in no box but constantly thinks outside of it and loves with the most genuine heart. If you want to enhance your business, she’s your gal. If you want to connect with like-minded people, she’s your gal. If you need help with executing your vision, she’s your gal.

She will bring a perspective unlike any other if you need to talk things through. Power up with her—you will not be disappointed. 

Sarina McNeel



Sandy is one of the most engaging, supportive, and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of networking with! She is uplifting, dynamic and so, so resourceful. She pulled me in and helped me connect in other opportunities to help support and grow my business and my leadership role in my industry. Her love for inspiring and uplifting others is unmatched and infectious! I am so grateful to have made this connection and had the opportunity to develop a relationship with Sandy!

I am so grateful that she has agreed to share her story and help empower and encourage the members and partners of Women’s Council of Realtors this June as just one of the many ways she contributes to the success of women and others in our community! Sandy is a force to be reckoned with and an honor to know!

The Six Degrees of Sandy Spady

I believe that everything in life is achieved by connections with others.

The six degrees of separation are all about connections. You are only six degrees away from the person you most need to meet.

As a certified professional development coach, inspirational speaker, and sales specialist, I have the expertise to tailor a coaching plan just for you, giving you the confidence to speak with clarity, connect with others, and build lasting personal and professional relationships.

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