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Empowering women to speak their truth

We are a collective of women who gather together to uplift, network and share our true stories while showcasing local Omaha businesses as well as national businesses in the Omaha area. We strive to produce organic connections between our members and others in the community. 

Connect with powerhouse women and build new relationships. 

Empowerment Through Connections

Our community consists of women of all ages, backgrounds, and life stories, bringing together a very diverse collective and helping members create meaningful connections.

Professional Networking Events

We have the perfect way to help you inspire, influence, and learn from each other: in-person events. We start with a 1/2 happy hour networking, and follow up with 2 speakers.

Encouragement to be Your Authentic Self

We acknowledge our brokenness and need for community. We are strong, community-minded women. We leave each session with a new story, a new self-love, and a new connection.

The Manifesto

Let’s share our life experiences, connect, inspire, inform, and heal where there needs to be healing. Let’s build each other up by being real and loving. We need each other! Join me and let’s make things happen….together!

~ Sandy Spady

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* Please note that at this moment we only accept speakers from Omaha, NE & surrounding areas.

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