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Sandy’s contagious enthusiasm encourages professionals to step out of their comfort zones and take the necessary steps towards personal and professional growth. She actively cultivates a community of passionate professionals in Omaha, providing them with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and share their experiences.

Podcast Features & Interviews

High Trust Proffesionals Podcast

In this episode of High Trust Professionals, host, Lynette Arrasmith sits down with Sandy Spady to talk about how she’s helping women find their niche, become great sales leaders and have overall success in their business. 

The Journey with Van Deeb

Listen to a conversation between Sandy Spady and radio host Van Deeb, two like-minded people who love empowering others to be the best versions of themselves. They believe it takes WORK to be happy & successful, and that you need to build confidence in yourself first.

BossUp Babes Podcast

Listen a fun conversation between Karissa Adkins and Sandy Spady where the shares tips and strategies for overcoming life’s biggest obstacles and achieving success through networking, building connections, and owning your authenticity.

The Sales Queen Podcast

Sandy shares how she wrote a 30,000 word book only to be told It couldn’t be published… and how to deal with these “impossible” situations. Sandy discusses the challenges faced by women in sales and offers guidance on building confidence.

 Getting AheadShot Podcast

Sandy Spady gives tips on networking, volunteering, and the art of saying YES. Through these efforts, you can grow your business, meet incredible people, and get a sense of fulfillment.

Real Women Talk Show

In a show that focuses on real women, Sandy shares her passion for authentically showing up. She is a champion for women, empowers them to overcome their challenges and encourages them to share their stories with others.

MetroTV – 2024 Interview with Sandy

Join Sandy Spady and Andee Hoig as they discuss the annual Live Your Why Summit and what inspired Sandy to create a platform where other women can find their voice and share their stories.  

Living Real TV Show

In this episode, Sandy shares insight about the power of healing and why you need to heal yourself for you, not for anyone else. She proved insights into the art of letting go of past trauma to open yourself to new experiences and finding yourself again.

The Midwest Will Move You Show

In this show, the host Justin interviews Sandy about her passions for community, her love for Midwest, all her ability to say YES to any opportunity that comes her way. Sandy encourages others to start saying YES to new experiences and helps them channel their confidence to share their stories with others.

MetroTV YES – 2022 Interview with Sandy

In this interview Sandy shares more about her involvement in sex trafficking committees and fighting homelessness through the Dance for a Chance: Disco Nights  fundraiser she joined.

Awards & Recognition

Sandy won multiple media achievement awards, including 2023 Phenomenal Women Award, national awards like The Weather Channel Community Involvement Award and the MTV Promotion Award. Sandy was also featured in Strictly Business magazine and was nominated for and won “50 Over 50” awards.

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