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Hello, my name is Sandy Spady. If you want to bring light and joy into your day-to-day work, I’m here to help.

I spent many years of my life searching for perfection when I realized I was masking my unique qualities that were, in fact, my strengths. I now help people embrace their own unique talents by giving them a clear vision and a little boost of confidence to not let fear get in the way of their own individualized strengths. 

If you want to bring a room of like-hearted people together to power up one another, I’m happy to energize and create a space where everyone can shine their inner light. If this interests you, let’s connect.

Previous speaking experience

  • Startup Omaha Week Woman Up 
  • Women’s Council of REALTORS Omaha
  • Heartland WOMEN’s Network
  • EWI of Omaha
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Sandy is a Change Maker, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Motivational Speaker, Connector, and Influencer. She loves to inspire and empower people to overcome fear and embrace their unique talents by giving them a clear vision. 

Sandy has always encouraged others to take steps to fulfill their dreams and passions.  

She is at the center of Omaha’s business scene. She loves to use her connections to coach and collaborate with professionals to elevate their careers and stand out in their industry. Using her 35+ years of experience building teams and inspiring leaders, Sandy can quickly and intuitively identify where organizations can improve and strategically build a roadmap to help them produce results. 

Sandy supports other locally owned businesses, corporate executives, sales teams, and entrepreneurs to expand their vision and increase their bottom lines. Sandy is a pillar in the community, and she is seen as the person who will get things done. 

Sandy is also the founder of Women with Voices, an Omaha-based empowerment and networking group that gives women a platform to share stories of overcoming their most demanding challenges, sharing their greatest successes, and empowering others.

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