2nd Annual ‘Live Your Why’ Summit 2024!

Join us for a full day of inspiration and empowerment as local community powerhouse women speak about their journey to success.

Women with Voices – Empower Through Connections

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Our community consists of women of all ages, backgrounds, and life stories, bringing together a very diverse collective and helping members create meaningful connections.

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We acknowledge our brokenness and need for community. We are strong, community-minded women. We leave each session with a new story, a new self-love, and a new connection.

The Manifesto

Let’s share our life experiences, connect, inspire, inform, and heal where there needs to be healing. Let’s build each other up by being real and loving. We need each other! Join me and let’s make things happen….together!

~ Sandy Spady

Join the Omaha-based community and start building lasting connections with fellow Women with Voices!

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* Please note that at this moment we only accept speakers from Omaha, NE & surrounding areas.

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