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2nd Annual ‘Live Your Why’ Summit 2024!

Join us for a full day of inspiration and empowerment as local community powerhouse women speak about their journey to success.

Women with Voices – Empower Through Connections

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Meet the keynote speakers

Tracy Winkler

Founder & CEO of Elevate Growth Solutions, Inc.

About the speaker

Tracy Winkler, Digital Strategy Consultant with 316 Strategy Group is bringing EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Business Coaching, Business Consulting, Leadership Development, and Speaking to small and medium-sized businesses. Her expertise in business growth and development helps business owners and their leadership teams to get what they want from their business through a simple, proven operating system.

Sandy Spady

Founder of Women with Voices & Power Up by Sandy Spady

About the speaker

Sandy Spady, The Founder Of Women with Voices, and CEO of Power Up Leadership Coaching. She is a true powerhouse regarding business, life, and success. As a Business Growth Coach and Certified Professional Coach, she empowers business leaders to transform their companies and lives. Join Sandy on the journey to achieve your business and life vision.
#Leadership#Journey #PowerUpBySandy

Michelle Hurt

Co-founder of fait-based non-profit organizaton called Chariots4hope

About the speaker

Introducing Michelle Hurt, a woman of purpose and passion. From healthcare to entrepreneurship, she's dedicated her life to making a difference. Join her as she uplifts single mothers through her nonprofit, Chariots4Hope, and spreads love and hope one vehicle at a time. #MakingADifference #EmpoweringSingleMothers #SpreadingLoveAndHope

Meet our other speakers

Brenda Herrod

About the speaker

Introducing the incredible Brenda Herrod, APRN, MSN! 🌸
She's a certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, fitness enthusiast, and published author dedicated to promoting wellness and empowering individuals. Join her on your wellness journey! #HealthyLiving #WomenEmpowerment #WellnessJourney

Deena Hannum

About the speaker

Meet Deena Hannum, founder of Hay Jay Coffee. Through entrepreneurship and personal tragedy, she's turned pain into inspiration, creating a meaningful legacy and supporting others. Her story is one of strength, hope, and putting family first. Join her on this incredible journey! #Resilience #FamilyFirst #InspiringLegacy

Mourdjana Batcha

About the speaker

Introducing Mourdjana Batcha, fashion designer and CEO of M.J Queen Beauty & Fashion. With a passion for African clothing and a vision for superior fashion experiences, she has built an empire that empowers and supports the next generation of fashion professionals. Join her in celebrating African heritage and showcasing the talent of emerging designers. #MJQueenFashion #FashionEmpowermenot #AfricanHeritage

Sondra Dubas

About the speaker

Introducing Sondra Dubas: A passionate health coach, yoga teacher, and advocate for self-care. Join her on a journey of transformation and discover the power of living a healthy, balanced life. #HealthCoach #SelfCare #Transformation

Jennider Lea

About the speaker

Meet Jennider Lea, a visionary entrepreneur, advocate for women in trades, and Founder/CEO of Entry Envy. Join her on a journey of empowerment and style as she revolutionizes curb appeal and personalized home decor. #EntrepreneurLife #WomenInBusiness #EntryEnvy

Rosa Kennedy

About the speaker

Introducing Rosa Kennedy, a Venezuelan-American survivor and storyteller. From overcoming childhood and generational trauma to fighting lymphoma, she shares her turning points and inspires others through faith and self-care. Join Rosa's journey of healing and growth. #SurvivorStory #FaithJourney #SelfCare

Dayanna Hurtado

About the speaker

Dayanna is a dynamic entrepreneur behind Toximiche Michelada Mix and Supera Designs. Her creativity in the food and beverage industry and dedication to web design and branding, particularly for women and minority-owned businesses, showcase her commitment to innovation. As co-founder of Embolden Network, Dayana connects high-performing entrepreneurs, emphasizing community, mentorship, and collaboration.

Chequetta Jackson

About the speaker

A true embodiment of versatility, CJ wears many hats – devoted wife, nurturing mother, accomplished author, and Empowerment & Confidence Coach extraordinaire. She's the driving force behind ConfidentlyMe! Coaching LLC and the visionary founder of the Phenomenal Woman Academy.

Nora Plembeck

About the speaker

Join Nora's mission is to help cultivate cultural continuity and community mental well-being centered around individualization. Everyone has the same worth just by being and will contribute to our uniqueness. .#ADHD#Health #SelfCare

Samantha Nieman

About the speaker

Samantha is the owner and founder of Stay Wild Creative. She is a well-known elopement photographer who specializes in capturing the essence of love and adventure in her photography. Her clients are typically adventurous and slightly quirky couples seeking personalized, intimate, and unforgettable experiences.

Angie Hauptman

About the speaker

Angie and her daughter Cola are the founders of MYLO (Merch You Love) Brand Studio, a women-owned company that brings positive change to the advertising and branding marketplace. Angie is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young women through sport, and her talents as a creative concierge and designer are the perfect blend.

Leslie Koenig

About the speaker

Leslie Koenig, MD, is a board-certified emergency physician, Afghanistan combat veteran, and founder of Waybridge Clinic, an IV Ketamine clinic in Omaha, NE. She wrote and published the "Stress Relief Survival Guide" and created a free companion video course on YouTube.
#Visionary #Doctor #Mentalhealth
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